Access to and use of this website assumes the acceptance by the user of the terms and conditions described here. The contents and materials made available on this website are provided “as is” (as is) without any warranty, expressed or implied.






Access to and use of this website assumes the acceptance by the user of the terms and conditions described below. The contents and materials made available on this website are provided “as is” (as is) without any warranty, expressed or implied. Reformosa Reformosa “), headquartered at Rua Miguel Lupi, 22-26 1200-725 Lisbon, Portugal, with the unique registration number and company number 513163743, responsible for the property hereby does not warrant that the information, contents and materials herein displayed contain no errors, omissions or inaccuracies.


This website may also contain some technical inaccuracies, typographical errors or imprecisions that will be corrected as they are detected and in case of the convenience of Reformosa. In addition, periodic changes will be made to the information, contents and materials contained in this website, depending on the evolution of the project presented herein, being the exclusive responsibility of Reformosa.


The images and plans contained in this website are merely illustrative and are intended to provide potential buyers of the property with guidance on the intended layout, materials, colors and overall appearance of the completed property / development.


Potential buyers should be aware that all images displayed on the website of the completed property / development are computer generated, being only a combination of photographs and artist renderings, and although Reformosa has made every effort to provide a realistic presentation and description of the completed property / development, potential buyers should be aware that all elements of the project and specifications of the property / development, including the materials presented, may be subject to change during construction, by legal or technical impositions, and in the absolute discretion of Reformosa.


The content of this website is not intended to be or replace a contract or guarantee, neither Reformosa, through the content presented here, intends to provide any type of guarantee, express or implied, in relation to the final property / development. All marketing and advertising material contained on this website does not constitute a service proposal, offer or commitment for sale by Reformosa, and Reformosa may withdraw from any negotiation with any promissory buyer resulting from or in any way related to the information or data provided this website.


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The images and plans presented on this website, whether informative or product descriptions, features and services, are generated by computer, being only a combination of photographs and artist renderings, therefore are intended to be merely illustrative and non-binding, and may be subject to change by Reformosa at any time, by legal or technical imposition, being the visual representation of the features and characteristics is merely exemplary.




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