“When we work on something we like, entrepreneurship and innovation make an even bigger difference in our commitment to a development with tremendous potential for transformation!


Ethics, professionalism, customer focus, quality and hard work are the values we believe in and practice on a daily basis.

Our main source of inspiration is our training, our workforce and, above all, our willingness to grow professionally, with the aim of creating stability and financial independence for us and our clients.


We pursue excellence by creating and offering the highest quality products, thereby building a legacy not only for the present but also for the benefit of future generations”

The Reformosa Team

Fernando Pessoa (poet)

“For the traveller who comes in from the sea, Lisbon, even from afar, rises like a fair vision in a dream, clear-cut against a bright blue sky, which the sun gladdens with its gold”

Portugal is the only European country in the top 10 of the world’s safest and most welcoming countries.

In the eighteenth century, when Lisbon was still expanding, this was the area the nobility and upper classes chose to live in. Nowadays, you can still feel this historical pedigree. It is one of the most pleasant districts of Lisbon, with its perfectly-preserved old mansions, many of them former palaces and palacetes (small palace). Most of the foreign embassies in Portugal are also located in this area.

Lapa and Estrela neighborhood, 1950

©Lisbon Photographic Archive


“The proximity of the river as well as the magnificent view are reason enough to claim Lisbon as one of the most charming capitals of Europe.”

The Lapa neighbourhood still remains true to its past, with its steeply sloping streets, elegant buildings and balconies filled with flowers.